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Shipping policy:


Shipments will be received and handled during the branch's operating hours.

2. Orders received will reach the customer up to 60 minutes - from the moment the order / payment is confirmed.

3. "Krameri Haifa" is not responsible for delays in missions due to the involvement of a higher power.

4. You can order delivery / self-collection for a time and date known in advance, "Krameri Haifa" will make every effort to provide the delivery

At a time defined by the customer (buyer).

5. The final price will be determined according to the business to the extent that there is an error on the website and the shipping price list.

6. All our products are refrigerated / frozen, we send them in special packages which allow us

Maintain the quality of our product for up to 60 minutes.  

7. All the images that appear in the images are for illustration only and there may be changes in the colors and appearance of the product changes of up to 5%.

8. A shipment that fails for any reason for which the customer is responsible (for example: non-response on the part of the customer), the customer will be charged the full price of the shipment.



Krameri Haifa - I wish you a fun and tasty purchase, we are here for any question! On the Contact Us page on the site.


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