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1. Below is the privacy policy on the website of "Carmari Haifa" at (hereinafter: "the Website" and / or "Carmari Haifa")

2. The purpose of this privacy policy is to clarify and explain the privacy policy regarding the use of the website and the uses of the information provided by Krameri Haifa by the users of the website or collected by Krameri Haifa as part of the use of the website.

3. The policy does not apply to information that has been expressly excluded from the application of the policy, including within the framework of the terms of use of the website, unless expressly stated otherwise.

4. Please read the Appendix to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Website (hereinafter - the "Terms" or "Terms of Use") before using the Website and before transferring personal data (such as name, email address, etc.) to Krameri Haifa through the Website. Is part of the site's bylaws and these documents should be read together.

5. Use of the Site is subject to your agreement to this Policy and the Terms of Use. By actually using and viewing the website and / or transmitting details within its framework, the user confirms that he has read these terms and he agrees to be stated in them.

6. Krameri Haifa may, in its sole discretion, from time to time change the provisions of this document and / or the regulations and / or any other document that may replace them or in addition to them to regulate the terms of use of the site. Users are requested to contact this page from time to time in order to read its updated terms.

7. What is stated in this document is written in masculine for convenience only, and everything stated in it is intended for both women and men. Also, all that is said in a single language, should be read as if it was also said in many languages, as the case may be and vice versa.

8. The headings in this document are not binding or exhaustive and are for the convenience of users only.

9. Everywhere in this document where it is written "we" or "ours" etc. as well as "Krameri Haifa" or "the site" the meaning is Krameri Haifa and everyone on its behalf (including the operators and managers of the site).

Billing at the time of delivery

10. Krameri Haifa explicitly clarifies that the charge for an actual order will be made according to the availability of the products and their weighing if necessary, close to the delivery of the order to the customer.

1.10. When ordering equivalent products, the customer will be charged according to the actual weighing of the product when preparing the order for it. Therefore, there may be a difference of 10-15% in the customer's charge, up or down, compared to the transaction amount as it will appear and as confirmed by the customer in the order form, for the equivalent products only.

Upon delivery of his order, the customer will receive a full list of all the products, including the equivalent products and their actual weight.

information gathering

11. Krameri Haifa may collect and retain any information about surfers and users of the site transmitted by them or collected by it as a result of and / or in connection with their use of the site. This information consists of two types:

1.11 "Active information" - information (such as: name, address, credit card number, ID number, email, telephone, etc.) provided by the user for various purposes (such as purchasing through the website, registering for a newsletter, registering to view content and / Or a service provided on the site that requires a specific registration (if any), contacting a customer service center, etc.). For this purpose, we note that while viewing and using the site, there are various contents and / or services whose viewing and / or use sometimes require a registration procedure, in which the user may be required to provide personal information (unless Krameri Haifa decides otherwise at some point). It is clarified that the users are not obliged (by law or otherwise) to provide this or any other information to the company, but it is possible that their non-delivery will limit the viewing and / or use of the website and / or part of it.

2.11 "Passive information" - information collected without being actively provided by users (such as: the type of browser that the surfer uses on the site, the surfer's IP address, sites and favorite content about the surfer and more). In this regard, it is clarified that the website may include and / or use various software and / or tracking and / or tracking technologies such as cookies. These programs and applications enable the collection of information about the surfers (such as information about their personal preferences) for the proper operation of the site, adjusting the site to the user's personal preferences, improving user service, improving company products, verifying information transmitted through the site, information security, etc. B. Sometimes the operation of these programs and applications is conditional on the user's approval, but it is clarified that not in all cases such approval is required. It should be noted that sometimes the use of the above software can be blocked (or deleted from the user's hard disk, if stored there). Is not responsible for and / or controls the aforesaid and the user who wishes to do so will check this option depending on the browser he uses. In any case, keep in mind that deleting the cookies or stopping them from being accepted may prevent or restrict access to the site and / or parts of it.

12. Krameri Haifa may collect and retain any information as aforesaid (both active and passive) in any manner and manner and for any period it chooses, in its sole discretion. It is clarified that Krameri Haifa may collect both personal information of users and unidentified information, inter alia for the purpose of improving the site, the company's products, the services provided by it, etc. In addition, it is clarified that Krameri Haifa may include the information collected in its database.

13. It is emphasized that the submission of information depends on your consent and desire and no obligation (legal or otherwise) applies to you to provide information on your behalf and you may not fill in the fields designated for such information and / or part (however, as stated, there are details provided for viewing and preserving the site) .

Cancellation / change of order

14. Cancellation of an order and / or change in the order by phone and / or e-mail is possible during business hours at the customer service center only. The hours of operation will be updated from time to time and will be published on the website, without the need for prior notice and at the discretion of the Carmeri Haifa company. Change of order "from day to day" can be made within two hours of placing the order, change of pre-order can be made up to the day before the date of delivery of the order, during business hours.

Sending updates and advertising information

15. By entering information to the site by the user as part of the registration process for the Krameri Haifa customer newsletter and / or as part of a purchase through the site and / or entering any information and / or any other material through the site, the user authorizes Delicatessen to use such information and store it in the managed database. By Krameri Haifa (hereinafter - the "Database") and the user confirms that Krameri Haifa will be allowed to use the information provided for direct mail (including by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, short message messages including MMS, SMS, automatic dialing system Etc.) of all information concerning Krameri Haifa, its products, the benefits provided by it (including benefits for the purchase of third party products) etc. and any other use permitted by law, all without the use being considered an infringement of the user's privacy and will not entitle the user to any relief and / Or any compensation and / or consideration.

16. The user may revoke this consent at any time by giving written notice to Delicatessen via and Delicatessen will act in accordance with the user's notice, within 7 business days of receiving the said notice. It is clarified that as long as Delicatessen has not received a request for removal from the said database and / or mailing, Delicatessen does not check the up-to-dateness and correctness of the information provided by the user and / or the relevance of mailing any advertising material to that user and may use the information collected. It's above.

Transfer of information to third parties

17. The information provided to us by the users and / or collected by us as part of and / or as a result of the use of the website will be stored in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 and its regulations and any law. Such information will be stored in Deliktsen databases, at its discretion, To third parties other than business partners and / or entities that provide RTM or anyone on its behalf with services.

18. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 17 above, Krameri Haifa may transfer to any third parties information transmitted to it by users or collected by it as part of and / or as a result of the use of the website, including personal information, without obtaining the user's consent in the following cases: Haifa believes that the provision of information is necessary to prevent damage to the user or third parties. • If the provision of the information is required by law and / or a court order and / or a directive of any competent authority. • If a user violates the terms of use of the site or performs actions that are prohibited by law (including attempting to perform such actions). • If there is a dispute and / or legal dispute between Krameri Haifa and / or a user of the website and for the purpose of using other legal proceedings in which Krameri Haifa is involved, in accordance with the need and discretion of Krameri Haifa. • If Krameri Haifa merges with other parties, sells its activity, changes its ownership, transfers its business (all or part of it) to any third party, etc. - in this case Krameri Haifa may transfer the information it has collected about the users, and any other material in its possession , To the same factor.


19. It is possible that the server hosting the site will be located outside of Israel. In any case, we will collect, process and use the information about the surfers solely in accordance with what is stated in this privacy notice.

Browse information

20. Every user is entitled to contact us for the purpose of reviewing the information relating to him and contained in the database of Krameri Haifa. In addition, the user is entitled to request a change and / or correction of the information about him stored with us and / or its deletion, all in accordance with the provisions of the law. It should be noted that notwithstanding the above, the company may keep in its databases information about the user which is collected by it independently and / or which is not used for contacting the user (such as information needed by the company or assisting it in its business activities) and all in accordance with the law.

Data Security

21. This site implements systems and procedures for securing the information stored in order to reduce unwanted intrusion into it. However it is clarified that the actions we take to secure the information do not provide complete protection. In light of the aforesaid, Krameri Haifa does not guarantee that the information and everything contained on the site and the services provided on it are immune from unauthorized access to them and it cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not gain access to the information provided and / or collected in relation to users. Therefore, we recommend that users carefully submit their information through the Internet in general and before submitting such information to the site, the benefits and risks involved in transmitting such information should be considered.

Third party sites

22. The site may contain links to sites operated by third parties which are not under our control or responsibility and the user must note that the sites do not have this privacy policy notice and find out the policy they adopt in this regard.

The law began and jurisdiction

23. The law applies to and in connection with this privacy policy and the use of the site is Israeli law only (whether the use of the site is made in Israel or abroad).

24. The exclusive jurisdiction in connection with this privacy policy and the terms of use of the website is vested in the competent court in Tel Aviv-Yafo only.

contact us

25. You can contact us regarding the privacy protection policy, including in connection with information that has been transferred on your behalf to the site and / or collected about you following your use of the site, via the "Contact Us" page on the site and / or by phone to our customer service center during business hours. For your inquiry as soon as possible.

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