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About Us

"Carmerie de l'Eclair Haifa is a confectionery and ice cream shop located in the lower town on Independence Street, a short walk from the German Colony, the train station and other places of entertainment in the city. A great place to meet friends, fall in love and taste our wide range of desserts. Of sweets among them: Italian ice cream about 25 alternating flavors, American ice cream about 100 alternating flavors, handmade cookies, mousse cakes in a variety of flavors and sizes, desserts, pastries stuffed with ice cream, striped cakes, vegan cakes, sugar-free cakes, special creams, eclairs, coffee, beans Weight-bearing coffee, cold drinks, a wide variety of cookie packs, puff pastry, and more.

There is an option for flour-free desserts in the recipe that are suitable for avoiding gluten. In addition, all the products are strictly kosher, but we are open for service on Saturday.

Carmari de l'Eclair Haifa offers a wide delivery service to all areas of the city of Haifa and its surroundings. Come visit "

קרמרי חיפה אירועים - מסדרים לכם את האירוע הבא עם שלל של מאפים קינוחים גלידה ועוד לערב מתוק במיוחד

Carmeri de l'Eclair in the media

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